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An architect uses engineering principles to build structures such as homes and office buildings. After the structure is designed, it requires furnishings, décor and other visually pleasing elements to complete the design. An architectural designer uses a unique combination of creating a visually appealing environment specifically for structures, using graphic design and architectural knowledge. This discipline can be learned at a graphic design school, which offers a variety of specialty graphic design diploma, certificate and degree programs.

After an architect completes the design of a structure, engineers and builders put the structure together in accordance to the architect’s blue prints. An architectural designer takes the blue prints and creates visual effects such as textures and décor to compliment the structure. An architectural designer uses basic graphic design skills, as well as skills specific to engineering and architecture to successfully do the job.

To enter this exciting career, a graphic design school can provide you the skills you need. Along with learning the software and tools used for graphic design, a graphic design school can teach you the engineering, blue print reading and architectural design elements required for the job. Many architectural designers work under the supervision of an architect, with the architect’s clients and the builders who put the structures together. If you’re interested in graphic design and how it relates to the design of building and homes, this career may be the right career for you.



Graphic Design Schools offering Architectural Design degree programs

The Art Institute Online »



The Art Institute of Pittburgh Online offers associate and bachelor degrees in Media Arts & Animation and Graphic Design.

Westwood College »



Westwood College offers associate and bachelor degrees in Graphic Design, Animation, Web Design and Multimedia.