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Graphic Design Associates Degree

A graphic design associates degree is intended to provide a student with the fundamental skills that are necessary to operate professionally in a creative environment. A graphic design school can cover a broad range of topics during these classes. Part of the curriculum revolves around producing effective artwork and learning the creative process as it relates to graphic design. A large portion of the coursework will also involve learning the technical processes that are followed in a work environment. Most schools focus on teaching computer applications for the creation of work since a large part of modern graphic design involves some form of digital publishing.

A graphic design school will also focus on the tools that are used to create a finished project. Although this can include traditional tools like a camera, more modern schools largely involve computer assisted design. Students seeking a graphic design associates degree will learn how to use different types of design software and can also start to become familiar with online and web-based programs that can be used to create interactive designs. An associate’s program will provide basic proficiency in these applications.

The actual type of work that someone with an associate’s in graphic design can perform varies greatly. Most available work is performed for companies that develop websites or software. Some more traditional work is available from companies that regularly produce print advertising and layouts. An associate’s degree is only a start, however, and many jobs actually prefer a higher level of education in graphic design.

Graphic Design Schools offering Graphic Design Associate degrees

The Art Institute Online »

The Art Institute Online offers a graphics design associate degree program that provides instruction on the skills and techniques of computer graphics, electronic imaging and production using digital cameras, scanners and computer-based hardware and software (such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign) as well as all the other essential skills to begin a career in the design field. The School also offers an associate degree in web design and interactive media that will prepare you for careers involving the Internet with a focus on marketing and design.
Westwood College »

Westwood College offers an associate degree program will help you develop the essentials of career success: effective page layout, web design, image editing and more. Additionally, you'll be mentored by a faculty of working professionals who draw on their experience and insights to prepare you for the world of design with real-life perspectives.
International Academy of Design and Technology »

The International Academy of Design and Technology offers an associate degree in both graphic design and web design. The graphic design program teaches the fundamentals of computer graphics, advertising and design and instructs students how to generate creative ideas for packaging, imaging and design as they become comfortable with graphics programs like PhotoShop and Illustrator. The web design program teaches the fundamentals of computing, digital video and audio, and graphics layout. Successful graduates should have acquired the real-world credentials to pursue a diverse range of positions like Web Page Designer, Content Developer, Flash Designer and many more.
Rasmussen College »

Rasmussen College offers associate degrees in both Multimedia Technologies as well as Web Design. The multimedia technologies program will introduce you to virtual environments, animation, digital designs, video game components, websites, flash animation, and other audio and video projects. The schools web design program will cover networking and Internet technologies, server Side scripting, and dynamic Content Management. These programs will not only prepare you ofr a career but they'll provided you with a portfolio of projects you completed along the way. This portfolio will be yours to showcase during the interview process.