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Graphic designers turn ideas into visual concepts to effectively relay a message. Because of technological advances, a variety of resources are available to effectively communicate to an audience. Graphic designers are playing a more important role in the creative process to deliver that message. A graphic design bachelors degree is increasingly important for employment in this occupation. A graphic design school offers this education to successfully learn the skills required for graphic design jobs.

A graphic design bachelors degree program from a graphic design school encompasses coursework in art, photography, typography, 2-D and 3-D design, as well as computer graphics. These courses are important to understand art, its history, design and color to successfully be a graphic designer. Unlike certificate or two-year graphic design programs, a bachelor degree program encompasses a broader understanding of design, its function and how it plays a role in many businesses today.

During the final semester, students engage in a senior project and learn how to create a portfolio to present to potential employers. Unlike many other occupations, graphic designers have a standard resume, as well as a collection of their work put together in a portfolio for employers to review. The portfolio showcases a variety of design work completed by the student. This includes hand-drawn art, photographic images, animation and other types of digital media students complete.

After completing a graphic design bachelors degree program at a graphic design school, students are equipped with all of the skills required to successfully gain employment. This includes understanding the design process, the ability to conceptually put words and images together to create a strong visual message, and what materials and technologies are required to complete a variety of graphic design projects.

Graphic Design Schools offering Graphic Design Bachelor's Degrees
The Art Institute Online »

The Art Institute of Pittburgh Online offers bachelor degree programs in Media Arts & Animation, Game Art Design, Media Design and Graphic Design. These programs are designed to provide you with the knowledge and education you need to launch or advance a career in variety of design fields.
Westwood College »

Westwood College offers bachelor degree programs in Animation, Game Art Design, Game Software Development, Visual Communications and Multimedia Web Design. As one of the top graphic design schools in the nation Westwood College is sure to provide you a quality education that will lead to a quality career.
Full Sail University »

Full Sail University offers bachelor of science degrees in Graphic Design and Computer Animation. Full Sail programs focus on the practical application of 3D computer graphics, digital publishing, motion graphics and graphic web design for careers in the entertainment media industry, teaching the processes used to develop animated content for games, television, web design, feature films, and more.
International Academy of Design and Technology »

The International Academy of Design and Technology offers bachelor degrees in Game Production, Fashion Merchandising, Graphic Design, Web Development and Digital Media Production. IADT is a reputable design school with reputable design programs. When looking for a job, reputation can make all the difference in the world.
Rasmussen College »

Rasmussen College offers bachelor degrees in Digital Design & Animation and Game Simulation Production. After you graduate with your Bachelor's degree from Rasmussen College, you'll have a professional portfolio filled with highlights of your work to show potential employers.