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Graphic design is a skill that is becoming increasingly more needed as more individuals desire to create professional-quality websites, though graphic designers are also needed for more traditional roles, such as designing print advertisements. Those wishing to make a career as a graphic designer might consider learning graphic design techniques on the side, but the best way to obtain a comprehensive education in graphic design is to attend a graphic design school.

Graphic design schools typically teach students the basics of studio art, commercial graphics production, website design and printing techniques. Students will learn color theory so that they can use colors that interact in a harmonious manner and increase usability. Graphic design courses will teach the fundamentals of typography and layout. The image market is constantly changing. But fortunately, increasingly more sophisticated tools are being developed to make it easier for graphic designers to meet demand.

Occasionally, a graphic design school will offer certificates. These schools generally do not require as many years as the four-year bachelor's degree. Sometimes, a graphic design certificate can be acquired in two years.

Students pursuing a graphic design career can have a much easier time finding work when they have a graphic design certificate. The certificate identifies that the student was able to complete a program at a graphic design school and was able to acquire the skills necessary to work as a graphic designer.

A graphic design certificate can be an ideal credential for those who already have a bachelor's degree, but do not want to spend another four years in college. The graphic design program will teach the student the technical skills needed to harness the tools that are most commonly used by professional graphic designers.

Graphic Design Schools offering graphic design certificates
The Art Institute Online »

The Art Institute of Pittburgh Online offers graphic design diploma and digital design diploma programs. Through the diploma programs in Digital Design, you'll learn design fundamentals, lettering and typography, and graphic design. Through the diploma program in Web Design you'll learn the basics of Web site design, graphics and animation developed specifically for the Internet. The Art Institute Online also offers a variety of other design degree programs.