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Computer Animation Schools, Colleges and Degree Programs

If you have an artistic bent, there are a number of career paths that might be appealing to you that will allow you to unleash your unique talents. Graphic design school programs encompass many areas, such as the study of mixed-media art and graphic designing for print media outlets and online platforms. Graphic design schools offer computer animation as an area of specialization.

Computer animation is a growing field that provides graduates the opportunity to work for advertising agencies, television networks and movie studios as well as start their own company. There are many major production companies that hire animators, from Industrial Light and Magic to Pixar studios.

In the classroom, you will have the opportunity to learn how to use an array of different 3D modeling and animation application, including Maya, Cinema 4D, 3DS Max and many more. Techniques you will learn in these programs include things like polygon modeling, 3D design, motion tracking and rendering. Once you become proficient in these programs, you can begin to work on individual or group projects. A graphic design school will also have programs offering students opportunities to have their work seen by the larger university community. They can also enter their work in specialized computer animation film festivals or simply in the animation category of traditional short or full-length film festivals.


Graphic Design Schools offering Computer Animation degree programs
Westwood College »



Westwood College offers associate and bachelor degrees in Graphic Design, Animation, Web Design and Multimedia.

The Art Institute Online »



The Art Institute of Pittburgh Online offers associate and bachelor degrees in Media Arts & Animation and Graphic Design.

Full Sail University »



Full Sail University offers bachelor of science degrees in Graphic Design and Computer Animation.

Rasmussen College »



Rasmussen College offers associate and bachelor degrees in Digital Design & Animation and Multimedia Technologies.