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Do you love playing video games? Are you interested in how they work and what it takes to create one? Are you fascinated by computer graphics and other digital special effects? If so, you might make a great candidate for any of the great game design schools out there.

One of the most important aspects of game design is the graphics. This is what we see with our eyes and this is how we recognize our favorite characters and environments. Game design schools incorporate many of the fundamentals of a graphic design school since visuals are such a big part of gaming. A traditional graphic design school will not offer training on how to develop a video game, but it will give you excellent skills that would be beneficial in the case you want to make a career change. In fact, graduates of a graphic design school will have an advantage over students who are admitted directly to gaming school.

Game design schools are looking for people who are passionate about video games. You will learn many new skills from close interaction with faculty and other students just like you. All training is hands-on and everyday you will practice doing the things you would actually do if you were developing a video game. From the original conception of the game to the programming, graphics design, sound design, and other major aspects of development, you will be taught the essential skills to work in any one of these areas--or all of them!

With a degree in game design, you will be qualified to work as a software engineer for a major video game developer and you will be earning great money while being surrounded by your favorite hobby on a daily basis! Begin your search now for game design schools within your area to get started with the career of your dreams.

Graphic Design Schools offering Game Design degree programs
DeVry University »



DeVry University offers bachelor degree programs both Web Game Programming and Game and Simulation Programming.

The Art Institute Online »



The Art Institute of Pittburgh Online offers a bachelor's degree in Game Art Design.

Westwood College »



Westwood College offers bachelors degrees in Game Art and Game Software Development.

Full Sail University »



Full Sail University offers bachelor of science degrees Game Design and Game Art.

International Academy of Design and Technology »



The International Academy of Design and Technology offers a bachelors degree in Game Production.

Rasmussen College »



Rasmussen College offers a bachelors degree in Game and Simulation Production.