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Illustration schools can be a tremendous help to any artist in their career path, even those who might not be seeking employment in the illustration field. The basics are really the most important part of any art form. If you are a martial artist then you know how important it is to have strong punches and kicks. If you are an architect then you know that you can only be as imaginative as you are knowledgeable of physics and structure. The same goes for drawing.

The illustration field demands clean line work and good draftsmanship as well as a strong sense of space, shape, and anatomy, but even in a field like cartooning you will see that all of these skill sets are very important. A good cartoonist or animator cannot create a believably exaggerated character without an understanding of the basics. Imagine Calvin and Hobbes without Waterson's brilliant sense of physical space as Hobbes pounces his owner or Peanuts without Schulz's perfect sense of design and composition.

By meeting scouts, artists, teachers, and publishers in the field of illustration and cartooning, illustration schools can put you ahead of the pack and give you a distinct advantage in finding work as an artist.

Learning in the environment provided by an illustration school is just a whole lot of fun. Working along side other students and artists and meeting with the top illustrators in the industry is a great way to remain focused and passionate about the path you've chosen in life.

Graphic Design Schools offering Illustration degree programs
The Art Institute Online »


The Art Institute of Pittburgh Online offers associate and bachelor degrees in Media Arts & Animation and Graphic Design.

Full Sail University »


Full Sail University offers bachelor of science degrees in Graphic Design and Computer Animation.

Westwood College »


Westwood College offers associate and bachelor degrees in Graphic Design, Animation, Web Design and Multimedia.

International Academy of Design and Technology »


The International Academy of Design and Technology offers degrees in Graphic Design and Digital Media Production.