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Master's Degree in Graphic Design

Students who have graduated with a bachelor's degree from a graphic design school might want to take their knowledge of graphic design to a deeper level. Pursuing a masters in graphic design will help strengthen and expand the graphic designer's level of knowledge while also increasing the graphic designer's opportunities in the workforce.

A graphic design school that offers graduate level programs will have students continue to work on building their portfolios to demonstrate their abilities to engage in creative problem solving. Masters in graphic design programs have students learn how to engage in conceptual thinking and the philosophy behind what makes a particular design attractive to viewers.

To complete the masters in graphic design program, students must complete a thesis project, which has the student demonstrate everything that he or she has learned through the program. Students will learn a broader variety of methods of content creation, typography, web-based visuals and consumer packaging.

Those students who want to pursue a tenure-track or permanent graphic design position will need to earn a masters degree in graphic design as a stepping stone toward the doctoral degree.

Graphic design schools providing Master's in Graphic Design
Full Sail University »

Full Sail University offers an advanced online Media Design Master of Fine Arts Degree Program that explores the role that creative direction plays in effectively delivering a company's message in a visual format. This degree will teach you how to bridge the gap between the design studio and board room, get prepared to enter the fast-paced world of media design and utilize your artistic skills to create an overall vision that's both professionally rewarding and creatively fulfilling. .