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Graphic Design Schools Our directory includes North Carolina Graphic Design Schools and colleges offering bachelors and masters programs in graphic design.
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  Graphic Design Schools

   The decision to get a graphic design
   degree could not be made at a better time.    Employers today are demanding more    education from their employees than ever    before. A graphic design degree will
   carry significant value in any
   organization's hiring and career    advancement decisions. Directory our
   graphic design schools and request more
   information from the schools of your choice.



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The Art Institutes Online
Charlotte, North Carolina

With campuses in major metropolitan areas nationwide — including their Online location in Charlotte, NC — The Art Institutes Online is regarded as a leader in creative education. Their Graphic Design program is designed to transform you from student to professional by mimicking the workplace. You become a visual problem solver, your teachers are your clients, you comp ideas on the computer, and then you pitch those ideas in front of the class. The Art Institutes also offers programs in Media Arts & Animation, Game Art & Design, and Multimedia & Web Design, among others.

Programs offered:

(Programs vary by campus.)

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