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The process of planning and creating a website is what a web designer does for a career. The web designer uses text, images, digital media, and a variety of different interactive elements to produce what users on the Internet see on their browsers. In order to put it all together, they use HyperText Markup Language and Cascading Style Sheets. Javascript enables them to encourage interactivity on the websites they are designing. In addition to producing a website, web designers sometimes have to plan, research, and help advertise the finished product.

For those who are interested in becoming a web designer, there are many schools for Web Design. Graphic design school can be done at local community colleges and/or universities, as well as online. Schools for Web Design vary in what they require their students to learn before they are eligible to graduate. There are fundamental courses that have to be completed successfully before taking the core classes. Graphic design school challenges the inspiring web designer to write for multimedia, create screen design and graphics, learn basic and advanced web scripting, web design development, and so much more. Schools for Web Design offer different kinds of degrees: diplomas, certificates, Associate's degrees, and Bachelor's degrees.

After graduating from a graphic design school, the new web designer can be hired on at a design firm or for other companies. Sometimes a web designer works alongside a graphic designer. Some web designers open up their own firm and become entrepreneurs.

Graphic Design Schools offering Web Design degree programs
The Art Institute Online »

The Art Institute of Pittburgh Online offers a variety of diploma and degree programs in Media Design and Web Design.
Westwood College »

Westwood College offers a bachelors of science degree in Multimedia Web Design.
Full Sail University »

Full Sail University offers bachelor of science degrees Web Development and Internet Marketing. This is a great combination for any web development professional who eventually wants to run their own business.
International Academy of Design and Technology »

The International Academy of Design and Technology offers degree programs in Web Design and web development. These degrees will help to prepare you for a variety career opportunities.
Rasmussen College »

Rasmussen College offers an associates degree in Web Design. This degree will help to prepare you for entry level web design and development careers.