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Westwood College Degrees

Why the Westwood College Degrees? Here at Westwood's graphic design school we make sure we provide you with the best training in industry-standard programs. We strive to help every student prepare for needed certifications, and to create the best portfolio to start them on the path to success in the graphic design world. So why a Westwood College degree?

Our Staff Works in the Graphic Design Industry. Right from the start, your experience at Westwood School of Design will tell you that you've made the right decision. Our classes are taught by professionals in the graphic design industry, so you know you're getting the most out of your graphic design school. All of our design staff is committed to bringing you a challenging, engaging program that allows you to display your creativity every day.

We focus on Real World Experience. While earning your Westwood College Degrees, you'll get a real world experience that you won't find anywhere else. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to go straight from classroom to career.

At Westwood College we give you the flexibility to do what YOU want with your degree. Westwood's graphic design school allows you to customize your graphic design degree to get the most out of your area of interest. Interested in Computer Animation? Prepare for a career in television, film, or gaming by using the latest in industry-standard software. Is gaming more your thing? Prepare for certifications, and even enter the Westwood College 2D Game Development Competition. Want your degree in architectural drawing or interior design? Our professional staff will ensure you have the portfolio to wow potential employers. Looking for a future in web design, or visual communication? Your experience with web design projects using programming languages, as well as a portfolio in print, digital and web formats will help you on your way to a great career as a professional web designer.

You can earn Westwood College Degrees in as little as 3 years. Let our professional, hands-on staff give you the tools you need to be on your way to a great career!

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